Monday, April 14, 2014

Tomorrow is going to suck but it could be worse

Well the ginger is going to have another blood transfusion tomorrow.....well I better back up a bit. Jack has a yet to be diagnosed GI issue that causes his body to not be able to digest food. He's on TPN (total parental nutrition) and lipids 20 hours a day. Over time it causes your body to become very anemic, hence the blood transfusions.
So tomorrow will be spent sitting at Vanderbilt from 9-about 4. Yay.
But, like I said, it could be worse. We spent most of September- December staying in the hospital. He's come a long way since then, he's gained about 14 pounds! He finally looks like a healthy toddler and he acts like one too! He wears me out on the daily.
So here's hoping I can keep him entertained for that long!

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