Thursday, April 10, 2014

The party can start, I'm here.

Are you ready for this? I'm not.

So I've toyed with the idea of blogging for a while now and seeing as I am currently a SAHM I may finally be able to find the time to actually do it!
So.....where to start? I suppose a little about me is in order.

Name: Cassie- I'm sassy and I like to think I'm mildly funny. I hope my friends and family agree.

Things I like: Running (it's my free therapy), shopping, photography, spicy Thai food, sushi, sleeping in, and coffee.

Things I don't like- When the coffee runs out, changing diapers, lack of sleep and negative people.

If I had a million dollars: I'd pre-pay for years of professional house cleanings and Starbucks deliveries.

Job: Well, until December I was an English teacher at a local high school, I was also responsible for their yearbook. Fancy, I know. Now I am a SAHM to a ginger kid.

My kiddo: Jack will be three this summer. He's a handful but he's fun  :) He loves puppies, Elmo, his baby (a little piglet stuffed animal he's had since birth), and digging in the dirt. Here's a pic of my ginger boo :) I made him, no big deal.

So I suppose you are wondering what the heck my blog will be about.....I'm working on that.
My goal is to be able to show off a bit of my photography, my crazy life and my humor :) Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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