Monday, April 21, 2014

Manic Monday

Mondays around here are always a crazy time. That is the day Jack has in home physical therapy and his home health nurse makes a visit to check his weight and change his dressing on his central line.
Today was our normal routine, PT then nurse. One thing was different though, today was Jack's first day with 8 hours off his TPN pumps! It's a big deal since he's been on 20 hour days since October. We were very excited to go out and celebrate so we had planned an trip to the zoo. I get the ginger in the car, I jump in and what do you know but my car won't start. I had left a door slightly open and drained the battery overnight. Awesome. I can't wait to explain this to my husband when he gets home, and deal with somehow getting his car close enough to mine in the garage to jump it off since mine won't change gears when the battery is dead. Yup, you read that right, I can't even put it in neutral and back her up.
I assume you understand how a toddler reacts to not being able to go to the zoo when he's been told all morning that after the nurse leaves we get to leave. Meltdown level- GINGER! The upside of this is that he took a nice late nap, hence I'm blogging right now instead of chasing a toddler through the house.
So my advice on this lovely Monday is to be sure your car doors are closed before you hit the hay tonight.


  1. You call your son a ginger...and now we are best friends.

    1. Ha! So glad we finally found each other! Thanks for checking out my blog :)