Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So glad to be sitting in my kitchen right now

SO yesterday was a lot longer than we had anticipated. I guess I had it in my mind that we would waltz in , get our blood and be on our merry way. Nope. Blood typing had to be done and we had to wait TWO hours for his blood to be sent up to us. The ginger took it in stride and played while we waited.  He also sat very still while he was infused which is an amazing feat for a rambunctious two year old. He's a good kid, we're very lucky :).
During his transfusion
After his GI appointment yesterday afternoon
A couple of great things came out of Jack's visit yesterday with his GI specialists. First, we are going to be able to take him off his TPN for 8 hours now instead of 4! And.....we are introducing a few more foods. Anyone have a great gluten free, dairy free biscuit recipe? This kid used to love biscuits. 
Ok well I'm off to enjoy my coffee and get my ginger ready for his Easter pictures.

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