Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pinterest or the reason I can't get anything done and feel bad about myself

Pinterest has to be the most EPIC timesuck ever invented. A few years ago when it first came about I was still a yearbook adviser and we had to ban it for the yearbook staff. They would literally just sit and scroll through the Everything page for hours and hours not getting anything done. I'd never experienced anything quite like it. Some of those kids needed a 12 step program to quit. Cold turkey was hard for them. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some Pinterest. I am a member and you can find me HERE. I sometimes just sit and scroll and feel like I can be the best, craftiest, skinniest, and most organized mom ever! Then I wake up.
Here's my fave cray over there.

**Weight loss/workout/clean eating pins- If I had a nickel for every pin like this I'd be a very rich lady. How many different before and after/take this product/ don't eat crap that's made in a factory with chemicals you can't pronounce pins does one site need? I'm also not a fan of the take this product and lose 100 pounds in a week pins. I mean really. Just get off your butt. I'm all for weight loss and workouts and clean eating but it's kind of taken over Pinterest and sometimes I just want to look at cat memes and cupcakes.
 Yup! That's me!
**Pallets- I'm fairly sure that due to these pins that many businesses are putting their pallets under lock and key. SO far I've seen pins touting how to make beds, shelves, swings, artwork,towelracks, and sheds with pallet wood. How many things REALLY need to be made from pallet wood? Probably pallets. Just sayin.
Shit.  I knew it would come to this.  Heads up, people!  We've got us a pallet shortage on our hands!  Just throw the goods into the back of that shipping container!  Pallet House Plans | pallet house the pallet house project aids in the revitalization of ...
Yup those are pallet house plans. Get crackin!  
**Monogram- I just saw monogram Converse on Pinterest. WTF? Like any good southern gal I love having some monogram items but does everything have to be monogrammed? How far will people go you ask? See below.

Hunting Gun Monogram want this for mine and Chloe's rifles!!!!!!!!!!! $3.00
Of course you can monogram your hunting rifle. Let me get my Cricut warmed up!
 **Makeup/hair tutorials- Some of these are really cool tutorials but some....not so much. How many gals really need to know how to do their hair just like Princess Elsa? There's a tip or trick no matter what you have going on above your shoulders. Got fine hair, we can make it thicker. Got curly hair? We will straighten that mess right out. Acne, age spots, dry/oily skin? Boy! Does Pinterest have an answer for you. It can be WAY overwhelming. Then there's also the whole chola makeup brigade. Seriously look it up. Some of those gals really do gorgeous make up but then there's the group that shop the Sharpie section of target for eye and lip liner.  If you want so laugh take a look over at glowpinkstah on YouTube. Her Baby Smiley character is my fave chola on the block.
This is a link to a hair tutorial for Elsa hair. You never know when you might need an epic side braid!

 **Dirty/weird shit or what I like to call Pinterest After Dark- No matter how many people are pinning monograms, hair tutorials, cute outfits they'll never have or DIY deodorant pins Pinterest will always have the underlying dirty/creepy. The crazy thing is that you don't have to go looking for the cray over there. Just go look at the Everything tab at the wrong time of day and you'll see all kinds of NC-17 shit. I'm a believer that people can do what they want within reason but , damn, how many naked ladies do I have to see while I'm digging around for gluten free recipes and projects to use up my plethora of pallet wood. I'll spare you the links. You all know what I'm talking about. There's also true horror stories, ghost sightings, and tons of other creeptastic shit. I spend too much time alone here to be reading about serial killers and ghost sightings. Seriously, I need to be able to sleep for real.

**Everyone on Pinterest has the same tattoos- I have zero tattoos. I want one but I'm a weenie. But really, take a look at tattoos over on Pinterest and you will find that every member has one of the following tattoos. 1. Some type of bird bird tattoo- some of these are really cool but I think the idea of a tattoo should be that not everyone else has it. 2. The dandelion puff being blown, sometimes turning into birds as they float away. 3. Some type of infinity symbol, sometimes with words. 
Please don't take this as a slight if you do have any of those tattoos. I'm not judging. Just saying that they are way popular right now. I can't really think of what kind of tattoo I want to get. Any ideas? 
Good lord this is amazing
The UniPac tattoo is pretty epic.

Well, I've got to actually go do something, like probably take a shower. Why is it that I can do so much all day long, but getting in the shower seems like too much sometimes? Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

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