Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You don't always get what you want...

But I suppose I'm getting what I need, and more importantly what the ginger needs. 
We are heading to Cincinnati Children's Hospital on Thursday to meet with a new GI specialist. We're so very hopeful that they will be able to fix our kid or at least make his life better than it is right now. I really hope this doesn't sound terrible but, I'm ready to get back to our old normal. I know that things will probably never be exactly the same but there are so many things I really miss about how our lives used to be. Don't get me wrong, things have been much worse and we are in a really good spot right now. It would just be awesome to not have to worry about the ginger's central line, or what foods can he eat, or has he had all his meds today.
I REALLY miss working. I know, I know, I should love being a SAHM. There's so much that I do love about being home with Jack. We have a very laid back existence, we stay in our pj's all day if we want, I get to run every day. But, I miss being around grown folks and having conversations about things other than cartoons. I've never been the type that wanted to stay at home, no offense to anyone who does want to be a SAHM, no judgement and honestly if this is what you want to do I sincerely look up to you. The real issue is that I loved my job. I love teaching and being around the kids at school. I miss getting up and getting dressed even though I do love me some sweat pants. Teaching is a very stressful profession, especially now since everyone seems to hate teachers and blame them for society's ills but I love it. I miss reading and discussing literature with teenagers and getting to know some amazing people, I'm talking about my students.
There's so much good right now too though. I know that once I do go back to work I will seriously miss spending my days laying around the house with the ginger and being able to go to the zoo, or the children's museum or an early morning run in the jogging stroller. 

Times like these will be few and far between sooner than I think. So my goal for now is to embrace the time I have with my sweet ginger kid.

Let me say that Sesame Street has gotten quite cheeky lately. I just looked up because I heard Bert of Bert and Ernie say that he is reading "50 Shades of Beige". Well played Sesame Street. Well played.


  1. I was a stay at home mom for 6 years... its the hardest job ever but I really wanted to work and have some time away from home so I totally understand where you're coming from. Hang in there things will get better soon! xoxo

    1. Thanks Brittney, it's just a whole lot harder than I expected. I also feel bad for feeling this way. Now that is the cherry on top of this crap cake LOL!