Friday, May 16, 2014

Cincinnati children's hospital day 1

We made it and the ginger has already had his first procedure. Upper and lower endoscopy. Fun times.
Nothing new to report other than they are going to put in an ng tube to start formula feeds. He just Barfed, not a good sign.
How about this, yesterday the hospital was locked down because "someone was dropped in the circle". A nurse quite calmly explained that means that someone dropped off their shot up, stabbed up or dead homie in front of the hospital. Time for some new friends dude. I'd like to think that my friends would at least plop me in the er in a chair before they peaced out.


  1. You will see some STRANGE things during a hospital stay. We were the strange ones when B was in the hospital..I totally snuck a 12 pack in!

    1. Oh yeah I'm working on a post about how living in the hospital is like living in wal-mart!