Saturday, May 17, 2014

Living in the hospital is like an extended trip to Wal-Mart

So we are currently in Cincinnati children's with the ginger to get a second opinion on his gi problems. I can't say enough about how great this hospital is! Everyone is friendly, it's clean, people do things they say they're going to do, people drop off their shot up homies outside, what more could a mom want for her favorite sicko?
Vanderbilt has it's good points too. We love our gi team there! However, living in the hospital can get cray. I mean really cray. People do things that I'd NEVER do in front of the general public!
Here are a few examples...
1. Some people see the hospital as a both hospitals we have seen people leave their children for long periods of time often to go out on the town. I wish I was making this ish up.
2. People forget how to dress themselves. I understand being in your pjs on the floor at night but not in the cafeteria. Throw on some sweats. I once saw a chick in a long t shirt and her underwear at Vanderbilt. Nothing like seeing some booty to wake you right up.
3. Random people want to know what's wrong with your kid so they can determine if theirs is more sick than yours. I call it having a sick off. I once had a woman tell me her child's liver made him (and I quote) "retarded". Is that even possible?
4. People steal. My iPod was stolen during our last round at Vanderbilt. I suspect the heifer next door but hell I guess it could have been anyone.
5. There's always one kid in the playroom that wants to be up in your grill, they are usually the contagious one.
6.I once saw a guy with his daughter playing and I noticed he had a teardrop tattoo on his face. Good for him for being in the hospital with his kid but doesn't that mean he's killed someone?
7. No privacy. It's really hard to go to the potty since every time you turn around someone is walking in your room.
8. Skin colored leggings....I can't tell you how many people are wearing these!

Well I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of right now. We had a rough night so we are both tired. Here's hoping the ginger will not wake up barfing in the middle of the night!


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  1. Oh yes I remember seeing quite a bit when my son and I were in childrens hospital...people are really freakin weird!